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The first merchandise portal for 2024 is now closed.

Points to remember when ordering:

  • No Refunds, this is not a shop, please choose carefully and check your order for the sizing and naming of any products before finalising your order.

  • It is not required that you have all the merchandise. What you do need is footy shorts and socks.

  • We do have some stock of footy shorts and socks for people who join the club later or people who forget to order. We do not hold stock of any other merchandise.

  • Most kids have the warm up t-shirt for wearing at training, (my kids live in them in Summer too!) and jumpers too, (which again, it is hard to get them off them to clean! Or is that just me!) 

  • You do receive your match day jumper from the club at the beginning of the playing season.

  • The stock will arrive (estimated) end of March. This is not a shop once the portal closes, the orders are then made and then packaged up. This takes 6 to 8 weeks. Always has, always will be. This is why we open portal so early.

Merchandise enquiries can be forwarded to Michelle at

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